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Welcome to Diamond in the Ruff

Diamond in the Ruff offers professional pet grooming by Susan Raab, a professional with over 20 years of pet grooming experience. Located in Labadie, Missouri, you will find convenient, affordable, and unparalleled grooming services for your pet.

About Susan Raab

Susan first began grooming pets in a veterinarian hospital in St. Louis. In a hospital setting, groomers become observant of pet behavior, mysterious lumps or marks, and other signals of underlying health issues. Because of her early training, Susan is able to alert owners of health indicators before they become major health problems.

After spending many years grooming pets at a notable pet salon in the western suburbs of St. Louis, Susan relocated her operation to her home studio located in Labadie, Missouri. Today she offers grooming services to all breeds of dogs, cats, and even occassional rabbits. Show dogs and farms dogs find Diamond in the Ruff a comfortable place for grooming.

catHand Scissoring

Most big box groomers make extensive use of clippers. Susan uses hand scissoring techniques for all pet grooming. What is hand scissoring? It’s a grooming technique that brings more balance and style to the groom. It has been said that hand scissoring is what seperates pet grooming from pet styling.


Susan will offer your pet a humane and comfortable grooming experience. Your pet will never wear a muzzle or use tranquilizers while being groomed by Susan. Using skills acquired over many years of interacting with all types of pets, Susan is able to place your pet in a calm state of mind. The studio is small and quiet, without the distractions of larger grooming centers.


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